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The Importance of Having an Updated LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform that connects professionals from various industries, including law. It allows users to create a professional profile highlighting their education, work experience, skills and accomplishments. LinkedIn provides a space for professionals to network, engage in industry discussions, share insights and discover job and business opportunities. With over 756 million […]

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The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation. What do you need to know? There has been a recent study stating that 40% of the global workplace is considering leaving their jobs this year. We have already seen this hit in the US with 4.3 million people resigning – from frontline workers to senior executives. Most of these people worked […]

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Academic Transcripts – How much do they really matter?

Here’s what you need to know….   People often say, “P’s get degrees.” I am not so sure that saying holds true for a Law degree. In a perfect world, you will get all High Distinctions, but in reality, the majority of students are working full-time or have other commitments, making their transcripts appear less […]

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Legal Market Update 2021

What are the trends in Australia’s legal market? The Australian legal market has evolved in response to COVID-19. The pandemic pushed the flexibility boundaries to its limits and challenged traditional perceptions about the ability to be productive from a home environment. The current market is extremely candidate-driven, with enhanced flexibility and work-from-home options being negotiated into […]

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Promotion Time!

Congratulations Kristina on your Promotion We are excited to announce the promotion of Kristina Steele to Senior Consultant. This is a well deserved promotion for one of our top performers!                              

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Covid’s Impact On Worklife

Will Coronavirus normalise WFH arrangements and bring an end to the traditional 9-5 working day in Australia?   This pandemic will no doubt evolve the ‘normal’ working conditions for most individuals in corporate jobs. As much of the world’s workforce are now working from home, the coronavirus has seen the evolution and increased use of […]

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