Recruitment Services

At Naiman Clarke our focus is on getting it right the first time. Our commitment to quality would allow nothing less. Amongst our proudest achievements is our extraordinary success rate of 98%. This means that 98% of the people we place are still with their employer twelve months later.

To achieve these results we employ a tailored strategy with a range of tactics for every role we recruit for to ensure only the best candidates are presented to our clients.

The Brief
We undertake a thorough brief at the start of our search because we believe that this is a critical part of the recruitment process and is the cornerstone of identifying and singling out the right people.

Identifying Suitable Candidates
Once we have identified our client’s requirements our consultants take a multi-faceted approach to identifying suitable candidates. Like all good recruiters we maintain an extensive database of well qualified, experienced candidates who we can target.

In addition, advertising allows us to attract a large pool of qualified candidates in a relatively concentrated period of time. Another benefit of advertising a position is that it attracts passive candidates (i.e. candidates not actively looking to move) allowing the employer to choose the best candidates – not just the available ones.

Candidate Appraisal
Our clients can expect all prospective candidates to be screened by telephone with questions designed to gauge suitability for the role definition. Only candidates that are likely to fit with a client’s firm culture and philosophy will be interviewed and assessed by our consultants using behavioural based questions. Where necessary, aptitude and psychometric testing, and technical evaluation can be undertaken.

Candidate Presentation
Our clients are presented with a written report and assessment of all suitable candidates together with a curriculum vitae and details of academic achievement.

We will arrange the interview with short-listed candidates and provide feedback from the candidates after a detailed debrief following the interview.

Reference Checking
Once the interview process has enabled a client to select candidates appropriate for a role, we are able to follow up with reference checking if required.

Final Negotiations
We can also add immense value by being involved in the negotiation process. As an impartial mediator we can ensure all important aspects are agreed on by both parties to avoid conflicts later.

Post Placement Follow-up
Naiman Clarke will also maintain post placement consultation and contact with both employer and employee at regular intervals to address any issues that may arise.

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Firm Mergers

Naiman Clarke has been behind several prominent firm mergers. We are well equipped to tackle small and large firm introductions across the board and can assist with ongoing negotiations, as well as operational, marketing and HR issues

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Contract & Temporary

As a specialist provider of legal professionals, legal support, shared services as well as temporary and interim staff, Naiman Clarke is well placed to connect you with a quality pool of quality employees. Our team of experienced recruitment consultants use our state of the art candidate database and a proactive marketing approach to source and identify talented individuals.

Naiman Clarke takes time to understand the needs of the individuals ensuring all our clients are provided with candidates who have the requisite skills, abilities and experience and the right level of motivation

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Unbundled Services

In the current economic climate, many leading organisations are looking strategically at their talent acquisition model and are striving to find a more cost-effective solution to their recruitment needs.

By unbundling the recruitment process, Naiman Clarke provides customised recruitment solutions designed to deliver the outcomes required with the maximum value for clients.

Naiman Clarke offer the full suite of unbundled services giving you the option to use as many or as few of the individual tools and service elements as you require.

We can unbundle any of the following parts of the recruitment process that best suit you:

  • Job description production
  • Advert writing & posting
  • Market mapping
  • Competitor analysis
  • CV screening
  • Producing a long list/short list
  • Interviewing
  • Producing interview reports
  • Reference checking
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