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The Importance of Having an Updated LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform that connects professionals from various industries, including law. It allows users to create a professional profile highlighting their education, work experience, skills and accomplishments.
LinkedIn provides a space for professionals to network, engage in industry discussions, share insights and discover job and business opportunities. With over 756 million members across 200 countries, LinkedIn has become a popular platform for professionals to enhance their careers, establish connections and stay updated with industry trends.

By having a completed LinkedIn profile, you’re putting yourself out there and offering hiring managers and recruiters an easy way to find and reach you about their job openings that match your background and experience.
Regardless of if you are just starting your career or you’re a seasoned professional looking for a change and seeking another opportunity, having a LinkedIn profile is an excellent tool to support the goals you set for yourself when it comes to your career.

5 reasons why you should create a LinkedIn profile:

  1. Help hiring managers and recruiters find you. By having a completed LinkedIn profile, you’re putting yourself out there and offering hiring managers and recruiters an easy way to find and reach you about their job openings that match your background and experience.
  2. Strengthen your resume/application!
  3. Manage your professional contacts, past and present.
  4. Network, network, network!!
  5. Build your professional brand.

Social media platforms have become essential tools for professionals to connect, network and showcase their expertise, and this applies to law firms and lawyers as well.
Over the years, particularly since the pandemic, LinkedIn has transitioned from being thought of as a recruitment platform to a professional network where people educate themselves and learn about other companies and opportunities in their industry as well as industry news and events.
LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity for lawyers to develop relationships, position themselves as thought leaders, and generate referrals and business.

Expanding Your Professional Network
In addition to providing lawyers and law firms the ability to network, people can also build relationships quickly with a vast network of professionals from various industries from all over the globe.

Building a Strong Online Presence:
Establishing a compelling online presence is crucial for lawyers and law firms in today’s digital landscape. LinkedIn offers a powerful platform for creating professional profiles, showcasing expertise and highlighting achievements.

Client Acquisition and Lead Generation:
LinkedIn serves lawyers and law firms to attract new clients and generate leads. In addition, targeted advertising on LinkedIn to promote thought leadership and/or upcoming events can be utilised to reach specific demographics or industries, enabling lawyers directly connect with potential clients.

Harnessing the Power of Content Marketing:
Lawyers can share informative posts, articles, case studies and legal updates to showcase their expertise, reaching a wider audience, establishing their subject-matter expertise and staying top of mind with the people who can hire and refer work to them.

Staying Updated with Industry Trends and News:
LinkedIn facilitates this by providing access to legal publications, news updates and relevant discussions within legal communities. By following influential legal professionals, other law firms and legal organizations, lawyers can stay informed about significant cases, legislative changes and emerging legal issues. This knowledge not only enhances their professional expertise but also helps them provide valuable insights and advice to clients.

Recruitment and Professional Development:
Law firms can showcase their culture, work environment and success stories to attract qualified candidates. Lawyers can utilize LinkedIn to discover job openings, connect with recruiters and expand their professional network for future career prospects.According to a 2016 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, over 93% of lawyers now use the platform.

690 million users worldwide, so it’s a target rich audience for lawyers and law firms.

  • The real power of LinkedIn is leveraged through personal branding. Personal branding is a form of marketing that promotes people rather than businesses.
  • On average, personal profiles have 10 times more followers and eight times more engagement than their company pages.
  • Personal branding is important for lawyers because it empowers you to build trust and win clients.

“Updating your LinkedIn profile with a new job can be the first step toward developing your own personal brand online,” Fennell says.

Even if you’re excited about your new job and don’t have any plans to leave soon, updating your profile is essential to keeping your personal brand strong.

“LinkedIn’s all about the ever-changing algorithm and this does impact your online presence,” Matthew Warzel, certified professional resume writer and former Fortune 500 recruiter, says.



– Prepared by Jess Fox, Senior Consultant