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Is it time to relocate to Newcastle?

Newcastle boasts a number of top Sydney law firms servicing all areas of law with a strong emphasis on commercial and mining law. The larger firms do high end work and pay Sydney salaries. Talented lawyers are welcome and most often will readily find a suitable role if they hone in on what they do well and scout out opportunities with careful planning and confidence. I have found the catalyst behind lawyers wanting to move to Newcastle has been driven by the pursuit of a dream job; commitment to returning home from overseas or interstate or simply a need for a sea change.


Newcastle boasts a diversified commercial, cultural, trade and industrial economy. This robust economy ensures Newcastle continues to cement its position as one of Australia’s key business destinations that offers all the benefits and amenities of a large city but with all the friendliness of a regional town. With excellent medical facilities; first class educational opportunities and easily accessible transport, there are many reasons why Newcastle is a great place. How many other cities offer the opportunity to leave the office at lunchtime and enjoy a refreshing surf or swim only minutes from the city centre?


For those who are originally from Newcastle it is obvious what appeals,  family, friends, and strong sense of community. For those unfamiliar with the town the following factors need to be considered: while moving from a small town to a big city can mean a more stressful work environment, doing the opposite can mean one that is much calmer. While some people may appreciate the calm, you may not be one of them. You will have to decide what type of environment will keep you motivated. The cost of living will be cheaper, however in smaller firms the remuneration may not be what you are used to.


For visitors the most striking change you will notice on arrival is that the BHP steelworks is no longer there. There are no skyscrapers (although a few mid-size apartment blocks have popped up in town), the pace is still laid back, the traffic isn’t a problem, there are many nice cafes and the beaches are still among the best in the world. There is also a live music scene. If you are curious then perhaps spend a weekend there. Practising in Newcastle could be the kick start your career needs.