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Be LIKED or be lost

When appraising your next professional move, consider what the company’s Facebook page says about them, and don’t forget they’re doing the same to you.

With more than 800 million active users, Facebook is not just a social tool – it’s a business tool. Or at least forward-thinking firms should see it as such.

Of course firms and businesses across the board have started creating fan pages on Facebook, but the content of these is hardly ever anything but an anemic version of their website offerings. And this is where these firms are missing the opportunity to speak to us one on one.

Because whether you’re an individual or a firm, Facebook is a medium to showcase your social pulse, and when you’re just getting to know someone, understanding whether you see the world the way they do is key.

As far as company Facebook pages go, the successful ones don’t just cover the firm’s postal address and company chronology, they point to a community spirit that celebrates the full spectrum of life in the firm; graduate’s admission ceremonies, Christmas festivities, the apps that the library team is engaging with and various personal wins across the spectrum of the company’s life.

But as they say, a mirror has two faces, so what does your personal Facebook page tell the world about you? Whether you like it or not, regardless of your seniority, your future employer will probably have perused your Facebook page before they even interview you for a position. So if you’re serious about making a good impression and using Facebook to your favour, you have a few options.

You can change your privacy settings so you’re undetectable or delete most of the dubious content, but perhaps the more strategic option is using the medium to your advantage. And if that’s your course of action the first thing to remember is to be positive. No employer’s going to think well of witty comments that slander another party. Secondly, write well thought-out, socially aware comments that demonstrate that you’re well rounded and creative. If you have sporting or creative pursuits, all the better – showcase them, but do it humbly.

And remember that because our social and professional lives are becoming more entrenched in one another, social networking is now ‘fair game’ so use it to your advantage.