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The Best Opportunities

You have worked hard to get here. Law school, clerkship, PLT, long hours honing skills and working your way up the ladder. You did not choose the easy path when you embarked on your career and now your hard work, persistence and resilience deserves to be rewarded with the best career opportunities. Partner with us to build on your success.


Thomas Edison once said that opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like work. Finding the best opportunities is hard work, and that is why we have a large team of experienced consultants working full time to keep abreast of developments in the legal recruitment market. This means that we have knowledge of a wide array of roles which may never be advertised.


This is not the only “inside information” which separates us from many of our competitors. Because we have worked with most of our clients for long periods of time we have developed a deep understanding of their culture and decision making processes. We use this knowledge to help our candidates reach their career aspirations.


We are honest, caring and hardworking like you, and we genuinely enjoy helping lawyers land their dream job. Call or email us today for a confidential discussion about your career.